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Free Web Games at FreeWebGame.info

Welcome to FreeWebGame.info. We have hundreds of free web games for you to play. No downloading necessary, just choose an arcade game and play in your browser. Enjoy and have fun!

Most Recent Arcades

Rigelian Hot Shots

How many pixies can you take down without touching the sides? Kind of cool that you get to control what appears to be a meteor in a cavern.

Prince of Persia

This is the flash version of an amazing retro game, this should bring back memories.


Classic pong made more exciting by the gradual addition of multiple simultaneous balls!

Ploop Adventures

Try and get to the end of the level without getting killed.

Most Recent Puzzle


Play this classic darts game. Easy but addictive gameplay, nice graphics!

Mega Puzzle

Try and figure out this amazing puzzle


Click any number of blocks that would add up to equal the number on the right hand side of the game screen.

Purple Pit

A real hard brain boggler

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